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We know so many schools who need you. Whether you are a retired school employee or stepping into education for the first time, we want to hear from you. Let us help you begin your journey in education and discover how you can make a difference in your community.

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Position Types

Substitute Teacher

Responsible for keeping students safe and engaged while maintaining existing classroom management procedures and lesson plans.

Substitute Educational Aide

Reinforces instruction introduced by the teacher and provides individual attention to students who need extra assistance.

Substitute Monitor

Supervises students during lunch and recess, maintains order in the classroom, and ensures compliance with school policies and procedures.

Substitute Cafeteria Aide

Provides a variety of food service support including serving meals, cashiering, cleaning the lunchroom and monitoring students.

Substitute Secretary

Ensures school safety while assisting visitors. Performs administrative tasks and handles inquiries with confidentiality.

Substitute Custodian

Maintains high standards of cleanliness by sanitizing, organizing and tidying designated areas within the school building.

Long Term Opportunities

Fills intermittent vacancies to preserve continuity. Commits to a consistent weekly schedule for a designated time period.

Other School Positions

Administration and other support professionals keep schools running smoothly and impact the lives of students every day.

Applying for work.

Expect a process that may take 2-4 weeks from the point of starting your application, to attending your new hire orientation. We encourage you to review the steps below and be prepared to stay the course.

Getting started.

Step 1

Complete an application.

Submit an online application so we can gather important information from you such as your education, experience and why you want to be a substitute. Choose the position(s) and school district(s) you are interested in supporting.

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Step 2

Schedule an interview.

If you have been identified as a substitute candidate, you will receive an email notification to schedule a phone interview at a time that works best for you. We will continue the screening process by contacting your professional references.

Step 3

Complete compliance requirements.

All substitute employees are required to provide FBI and BCI criminal background checks. Also, teachers must minimally possess a Substitute Teachers License and educational aides must minimally possess an Educational Aide Permit.

Step 4

Attend an orientation.

Bring your completed employment documents to a new hire orientation. Our time with you will be spent covering safety protocols, how to find assignments and best practices to help relieve those first day jitters.

What I love about working here is getting to know the amazing district clients we support. It's very rewarding to build a relationship with a district, where we have the same goal and work together to achieve that goal. Rachael Hutcheison, Compliance Manager