Posted by Rachel Wixey on February 27, 2018.

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A Mindful Practice

If you are an AW HS Senior, below is the content discussed at the Anthony Wayne Senior Life Skills Seminar held on February 27.  Resources mentioned at the end of our session are at the very bottom.  You all were a treat!  Thank you for participation and contributions to our time together.

If you were not in an AW session, or you want the notes…  here’s the scoop: I had the opportunity to spend time with, and address High School Seniors at Anthony Wayne Local Schools, for AW Senior Life Skills Seminar.  The topic I was assigned was “Successful interviewing”. 

The goal with our time set by the district was to describe how to “ace your next interview.. on what employers are looking for and how to prepare yourself for that expectation”.  

I have to get my answer in a nutshell as each session was only 25 minutes.   My response on “how to prepare”:


Establish a Mindful Practice.


Each of us is equipped with an internal Guidance system, that is in us, but not of us. This is accessible every moment of every hour of every day.  For the most part, we are not trained to turn toward it.  Rather, we are left hoping that the outside variables of the world providing guidance and direction – have it right, for each of us, individually.  So what do I mean by “a Mindful Practice”?

It encompasses too much to try to capture here in writing or a 25 minute session.  But a safe and basic starting point includes:

  • Sit and be still
  • Notice your breath
  • Quiet your mind
  • Relax every muscle
  • Listen in deep silence
  • Connect with your hearts inner knowing


Take 5 minutes.  Take 5 minutes every day, morning preferably to quiet your mind, rest and to be present to the answers of your own heart.  Self-assurance and the inherent abundance we’re each endowed with, comes from within.  Become acquainted with this and you become prepared for any topic, situation, relationship, challenge and circumstance.  You are not only prepared for these things, but you are able to navigate them with a sense of stability and peace, versus fear and chaos.  Take 5 minutes.


Spoiler alert: if you truly begin a practice of taking 5 minutes every morning to connect with the present moment, you will soon make time for more.  Connecting to your Internal Teacher provides you many benefits and is fulfilling in many, many ways.  A mindful practice in the morning:

  • Produces benefits to the mind, body and nervous system
  • Regulates emotions and reduces stress
  • Promotes heart coherence, balance, stability, creativity, discernment and right use of action
  • Improves hormonal balance, brain function and mental clarity
  • Allows you to emerge truly prepared, for whatever the day may bring


As far as interviewing goes, there are many material items things that apply to preparing for an interview.  Things like:

  • Be early to your interview site (10 min +/_)
  • Be sure you are neat, clean, pressed and well-presented
  • Know the company and its vision before you interview
  • Understand the nature of the position
  • Discern what skills you currently have that apply
  • Acknowledge the areas you know you need developed
  • Be curious, and ask questions from the place of genuine curiosity


It is not just skills, but what it takes to apply those skills meaningfully that are important.  Do all the homework possible to learn and discover as much as you can about the company, to be able to take time to self-reflect on why and how you may serve that company in a meaningful way.  This is what potential employers want to know from you.  We want to know you have considered your skills, those you have and those that need developed, and how you may apply those skills in a way that will have impact in our business.  Take 5 minutes to self-check in these areas so your interview responses come from a thoughtful, mindful place. 


I have interviewed many candidates who have sat before me with both answers and questions that were “canned” – for lack of a better term.  No one who is interviewing wants to feel that you prepared an answer before it was asked.  We want you to be prepared to know and share what’s on your heart, not a prepared statement.  And, if you’re excited about the job – say it! Be prepared to say why.  Be prepared enough with your inner sense of self to know why you feel you will do a bang-up job.  If you’re scared – share your reservation(s).  From my seat, the most ideal way to determine if a candidate is a right fit, is to have an honest dialogue with one who has had mindful consideration about the dynamics of the job and are able to discuss why they will or won’t be successful once in it.


Finally, take time to become familiar with your dharma; your true nature.  If it’s on your heart, it’s part of your calling.  If it’s not – it probably isn’t.  You cannot have a strong desire on your heart, and not have the means to achieve it.  Life was never meant to be that complicated!  Take 5 minutes every day, and listen to the calling of your heart on everything important in your life.


Teachers and Resource sites: There are so many resources that help cultivate a daily, mindful practice.  The following are some of my greatest teachers, all authors with great material on the topics of mindful practices:



Other Tips for preparation:

  • Send your goodwill before you before you arrive
  • Imagine peace and peaceful outcomes
  • Open your heart and your mind
  • Practice forgiveness and compassion
  • Have fun and make it count!


Love and light,