Posted by Rachel Wixey on January 02, 2018.

Rachel's Corner

A Faithful Attitude

It’s the first day back from the new year – spirits are good in the office, and everyone seemed to have enjoyed some well-deserved down-time. For some that was an extra day or two around Christmas and New Year’s.  Others took an opportunity to travel and break away for the week.  Regardless, many of us have not seen each other in some time.

To commune after the holidays includes catching up, sharing favorite moments and of course, the work at-hand for the new year.  I was super excited about a business meeting that took place right before the holiday and had not yet had the chance to share with Nekiesha, who helped with my preparation for the meeting.  As I’m sharing the details, we are both on the edge of our seat, leaning in; there are goosebumps, hands over mouth, a little disbelief, excitement, and even a bit of overwhelm as we consider the possibility, of infinite possibility.  We are pumped!!  Now, what the story is about is not as important as that little moment in the midst of it that occurs, and I admit to Nekiesha,  “…and then for a second I thought, no - this can’t be. It’s too good.  You know… that voice...?”  

Nekiesha responds, “That damn voice.”

Our shoulders drop for a moment.  We’re both familiar, and we all have it.  To be honest and fair to myself, I have come a long way.  There was a time in my life where I permitted that “damn voice” (with a little “v” of course) to go unchecked.  You know, when you decide against yourself for no apparent reason – throw a blanket of doubt all over yourself, or worse, other people.  I am grateful for a daily practice that breaks the thought system of judgement against myself and others.  Yet years on this path I still have to self-check and be watchful of those moments that dip below bar.  The work of the heart has many branches and this is among them, for all of us.

I am not a huge New Year’s resolution person, but this year at our company holiday party I committed my resolve to a faithful attitude toward everyone who had come to join that day.  I asked everyone to have the same toward me, and to each other.  It is beneficial to contemplate all of what that may mean.  For me, it is the every day view of each other as wholly good; that we look upon one another with confidence that they will show up in their best, so that we may show up in ours.  This creates the space for all of us to do so and experience more capacity in ourselves and each other than we ever have.  

I hold this commitment not only to the company, but to my family, friends, to all employees at school work-sites, administrators, teachers, staff, students, vendors, myself and the communities in which we work.  And to you, reading this now. 

Sending love and light,