Posted by Rachel Wixey on September 13, 2018.

Rachel's Corner

The Work of the Heart

Last week I had an employee come to my office. She asked for a few minutes and shut the door.  You can never know what to expect next when this occurs.  She proceeded to share her position on a situation, with just enough “edge” that I knew immediately that she was cut off from her true Power.

After I learned the details she wanted me to know, I looked at her and said, “You know what I’m going to say, don’t you?”

She responded, “Yeah, open my heart and be willing to….” –

“Yes!”, I interrupted. 

She knows.

The work of the heart is at play in every aspect and relationship in our lives; including (and sometimes especially) at work.  And somehow, as a society we have left love outside of the conversation when it comes to the professional workplace.  When I say she was cut off from her true Power, I am referring to the power that organizes the Universe, that which beats your heart, holds the planets in order and turns an acorn into an oak tree.  I am referring to our Internal Guidance; true Love itself – that which we are all gifted.  This life force flows naturally through us when we open our heart to a situation, and gets cut off when we go into judgment.  And believe me, we all go there! 


Being mindful of when we cut off, shut down, or go South in our thinking, and consciously becoming willing to see a situation differently, opens our world to the beauty grace provides.  Self-check and a commit to a daily practice and your contributions to Peace will ripple through the very fabric of your life and those around you.


May loving thought prevail,