Posted by Rachel Wixey on January 31, 2020.

Rachel's Corner

Softening Frustration

In frustrating moments that can feel intense, one of the best things to pull up out of angst, anger, worry, anger, etc., is to be willing to mildly notice things that are, in fact, going our way.

Softening through difficult moments with an acknowledgment of the things in life that are supporting our well-being fosters renewed hope. Sometimes this can start as simply and as vaguely as: there is air for me to breathe or I have had water today. This invites our mind to then notice with a bit more perspective, other aspects of living comfortably we have. As our mind settles with more ease into the difficult moment, we begin to see that this too shall pass. From there, we gain an openness to approaching the day with more optimism.

Wishing you ease,