Posted by Rachel Wixey on November 05, 2018.

Rachel's Corner

Assessing Values

It’s election time.  Midterm voting is upon us and for those who are active in the process and the system that’s in place, our votes are probably determined.  In two years, a new Presidential election will be our responsibility.  Something we are all called to do now more than ever is to give an honest heart-check on what/who has our vote, and why.  Really, an honest full assessment of our values is in order.

Full disclosure – I spent the first half of my voting years pretty “asleep” in this area.  I followed what I was raised to believe in my upbringing, but never questioned or engaged in why the candidates or the issues received the weight of our votes. I simply followed a patriarchal lead.  The past several years, I have been entrenched in a practice of meditation, prayer, and reflection, beyond anything that upbringing revealed to me.  And before I go on, don’t get me wrong; this is not about my upbringing, my home, or my parents.  Rather, this is about my individual responsibility to consciously acknowledge what my own values are, independent of what anyone taught me or hoped for them to be. My practice of meditation has allowed me to explore from a very open, unbiased place, the nature of who I am, the relationship I have to those around me, and my place in the broader landscape of humanity and life. 

Deep, I know.  But if there was ever a time in my living history to go deep on the matters of values, beliefs, politics, and humankind – it is now.  The world is messy, chaotic and more divisive than any time I can remember.  A stable sense of knowing who we are, what is the right use of mind and action, and the ability to take confident action is needed; as individuals and collectively.  These next two elections are not just about showing up.  They are about showing up mindfully and prepared to vote our truths and values, whatever we’ve consciously determined those to be.

May loving thought prevail,