Posted by Rachel Wixey on July 19, 2019.

Rachel's Corner

Self-Care, Community and Connection

At Rachel Wixey & Associates, we are getting ready for our start-of-school-year kick-off.  This is a day where we go offline, cover business and house-keeping items, enjoy activities, commune over a meal, and have some fun as a team.

Our theme this year is “Self-Care, Community and Connection”.  These priorities are strong on my heart as I know first-hand, the more we are able to connect mindfully to our own experiences, the better we are able to connect with the communities of which we are a part.  This cultivates a deeper sense of understanding and a greater capacity to be with a wide range of experiences skillfully.

Stepping away from the deadlines, work pressure and technology, whether for a full day or for 2-3 minutes, provides space for our internal wisdom and creativity to rise. We invite both, and look for each to be present in our service to you for the school year ahead.

Getting ready,