Posted by Rachel Wixey on October 16, 2019.

Rachel's Corner

Workplace Mindfulness

Our school year is well underway, and it never takes long to “pick up”!  Like school systems, our organization quickly feels the volume and busyness of serving public education and their daily needs.  However, this year, we’re feeling a bit more prepared.

In April of 2019, we began an internal initiative implementing practices and techniques to help build resiliency and our capacity for focused attention. We have also studied the effects of stress, and how our nervous systems are affected when under even mild to moderate stress. And, I’m proud to say we have tools in our toolbelt for self-regulation and stress reduction – on the spot!

Yep, I'm talking about formal workplace mindfulness practices. In some ways, I feel it’s forward-thinking for businesses to integrate this culturally. In other ways, I feel I’m late on the draw! I have been a practitioner for 10 years and know first-hand the benefits my practice has offered me. At the surface, it has helped me build resilience, improve the quality of my relationships, and own my own “stuff”, so to speak. More deeply, it has led me to meet, know and trust my own inner wisdom and internal guidance (something kind of nice for us “Type-As”!). There is no better compass than this to navigate day to day life.

May the benefits be present in each of us, as we tend to our work for you.

With joy,