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This work never ends and the quality of the school day relies in part on the proper staffing needed for every position type. As an Administrator, leader and person responsible for substitute staffing, you seek ways to be innovative and resourceful for these needs. We are here, for exactly that.

Core Services

Recruitment & Substitute Management

We begin with creative, forward-thinking recruiting initiatives, providing a foundation to produce a strong pipeline for scheduling qualified, trained, committed substitutes.   

Consulting & Human Resources

Your resource for project-based, long-range initiatives or a new perspective on internal processes and procedures.

Marketing & Communication

Our creative team provides design, content and a communication plans specifically developed to fit the needs of your school.

Payroll & Employment Services

Employer of record is no small role to hold and we value this. We adhere to best industry practices to manage payroll, employment and state specific retirement requirements.

How we work.

Delivering innovative substitute management solutions since 2010, Rachel Wixey & Associates prioritizes recruitment, retention and high performance fulfillment results for K-12 schools. 

Next steps.

Step 1

Build relationships.

We are listening and want to know you better. Contact our office to chat or set up a meeting so we can learn more about the needs of your district.

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Step 2

Customize solutions.

The more we learn, the better the plan! Our proposed service plan for your schools are specific to your needs, and tailored for the best possible outcome and performance in your schools.

Step 3

Deliver results.

We are committed to your experience of working with honest people, who listen, respond and get the job done.

Step 4

Maintain communication.

Our relationship with you is a top priority to our team. The lines of communication stay wide open, so we are tuned in and ready to meet your needs.

What I love about working here is getting to know the amazing district clients we support. It's very rewarding to build a relationship with a district, where we have the same goal and work together to achieve that goal. Rachael Hutcheison, Compliance Manager