Black Lives Matter

“Justice is love in action, for the alleviation of suffering.” -Rhonda V. Magee

In June we made a public statement as an organization about our commitments to social justice. 

Because Black Lives Matter, here is where we stand:

We are committed to a true and thorough self-check as we live our day to day lives.

This means being willing to truly see any unconscious biases that we carry, so that we may name them honestly for ourselves, and allow ourselves to feel whatever remorse, shame, guilt, sadness, regret (and more) there is to feel. This, so that we may move in the world with a fuller recognition of where we’ve missed the mark, with a transformed way of understanding how we are able to show up differently moving forward. This, so it doesn’t continue to live inside of us. This, so that others are invited to do the same. There is a very big difference in self-checking and justifying how we’ve been living; and this is more than reflecting as well. This is true and honest self-examination of the unexamined thoughts, words and actions we live every day. This is examining any area that there may be a belief that emotionally, behaviorally and/or cognitively, white people are better than black people.

We are committed to having uncomfortable conversations, without shaming or blaming.

It is upon us to find a skillful way to name racism when it is before us. Becoming defensive or blaming when attempting to name unconscious bias and racism when it is present creates even further separation from those engaged in the dialogue. We cannot experience the real change needed, by becoming defensive. It is not practical to expect anyone to step into their full love, truth and strength in the presence of someone blaming or shaming them. If we are truly about change, we must hold space for people to evolve from old ways, into the new ways that we know can and must be. We are committed to love and the possibility of it rising in all of us as we look toward a higher way of living. We will trust that if we clear our own judgments and fear from our hearts as we do this work, love can prevail among the people and communities with which we engage. We are more prepared today then we have ever been, to use our voice for love, and to build and uphold the truth, dignity and integrity of black people in our country.

We are committed to hearing, listening to, acknowledging and affirming the experiences and perspectives of black men, black women and black children.

We will be aware there is no way to deepen in our own understanding in a meaningful way without this. We will recognize racism is and has been a part of everyday life in some way, to black Americans. We will be sensitive to the fact that this is our duty, not the duty of those who have been marginalized. We acknowledge the work falls upon us and others who have lived with the privilege of undenied access to basic human rights that have allowed white people to advance. We will seek to understand.

We are committed to seeing the love that is true and present in each and every person created on this earth.

Many have/have had behavior that is not aligned with love, and then varying degrees of how far that loveless-ness is going, every day. There is so much now that is literally in front of our very eyes to bear witness to, and it evokes such a wide range of hurt, pain, judgement, fear, anger, resentment, confusion, and so much more, that has been living among us collectively for so long.  This one can be so much work!! We will practice keeping our awareness on the humanity in each and every individual person. We will stay aware that we are unique in our attributes, yet the same at the core of our beings. We will stay focused on the dignified experience of every human body.

We are committed to showing up as the best version of ourselves that we can be.

We acknowledge that as we become more active in this, we may miss the mark sometimes, and we will examine that fully when we become aware. We will contribute to a conscious effort of growing our own awareness, and building awareness in others, in the most skillful, non-judgmental way that we can. We commit to a vision of all people experiencing full rights, full access, equity and love, and we will be strong in fostering this. We are committed to love, that it may support all that we think, say and do for the sake of equity, equality and humanity in our country.

These are not the first conversations RWA has had about injustice and the social issues in our country, and we are committed to staying in this work for the change that we believe can be. I invite you join in and send me your thoughts, comments or questions to as we keep this conversation alive.

Together and with love,